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VK Stone Crusher

Karshakan Group was started 26 years ago, in 1991 by Jose Vackachalil, a former Panchayat President. In 1995, Mr Jose started a quarry business and followed up with VK Stone Crusher in Peravoor, Kannur.

Ever since its inception, we have maintained a steady growth in the quality and productivity of our equipments. The long standing years of experience and our long list of partners speak for itself. This support from all corners eventually helped us initiate a new manufacturing plant in 2014, under the identity - Vsand.

We are delivering our services at Kasaragod, Kannur, Mahe, Calicut, Wayanad etc.

Our History

VK Jose, Vackachalil family, Kolayad, Kannur, start off the quarry business, under the name of "Karshakan".


To initiate Value Added Services to its products, Panoor Granites, Cheruvanchery is taken up by them.


Start off the new venture VK Stone Crushers in Peravoor, Kannur.


The Hollow Bricks unit is started.


Msand under Vsand brand introduced. Supply extends to Wayanad, Kozhikode and Kasargod.


MOEF (Environment Clearance) with lease agreement received.

Starts their own Diesel supply Fuel Pump.


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